SONISS Press Release

Read about BITSCore's two successful cybersecurity-related experiments onboard the International Space Station.

October 29, 2021

BITSCore has successfully tested two of its cybersecurity algorithms on a computer onboard the International Space Station (ISS).

Dubbed SONISS (for “snakes on the ISS” after the flight software written in the Python programming language), this mission demonstrated the robustness and stability of BITSCore's algorithms in an actual space environment. BITSCore's team of aerospace and software professionals gained valuable space operations experience. Data captured between BITSCore's laboratory and the space station will be used to refine and extend BITSCore's software.

The Macquarie University School of Engineering and BITSCore utilised the International Space University’s Hydra 3 experiment on the ISS. Macquarie University conducted experiments on radiation tolerant computing while BITSCore tested its cybersecurity protocols for space applications.

Dr. David Hyland-Wood, CEO of BITSCore said, “BITSCore has taken the next step in developing secure software for the international aerospace industry. The success of our SONISS mission raises our technology readiness level to TRL 7 (system prototype demonstration in a space environment). We sincerely thank our partners Macquarie University in Australia, the International Space University in France, the International Commercial Experiment Cubes Service (ICECubes) team within Space Applications Services in Belgium, and the European Space Agency for providing access to the Hydra 3 experiment.”

Dr. Ediz Cetin, a Senior Lecturer at the Macquarie University School of Engineering, said, “Macquarie University School of Engineering is pleased to support the development and testing goals of Australian sovereign manufacturers such as BITSCore, and to engage with industry partners to conduct joint future research opportunities.”

BITSCore is an Australian cybersecurity company providing distributed computing solutions utilising patented and patent-pending technologies, including satellite command and control, provably secure data storage, and advanced command authorisation services. bits-core is headquartered in Queensland with an engineering centre in New South Wales. bits-core serves governments and corporations in countries allied with Australia.

Macquarie University’s School of Engineering is located in Sydney. Dr. Cetin’s research focus is on increasing the survivability of computer systems in hard radiation

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