Sky News Interview on BSA and BITSCore's Rocket Launch

Watch Sky News interview the CEO of Black Sky Aerospace as he discusses their sovereign rocket launch boarded with BITSCore's technology

November 16, 2021

Watch the Sky News interview with Blake Nikolic, CEO of Black Sky Aerospace, as he discusses BITSCore and Australia's sovereign rocket launch.

An Australian designed and built rocket launched from the New South Wales and Queensland border has marked the nation’s re-entry into the space race.
Black Sky Aerospace CEO Blake Nikolic says the launch was a “critical step in Australia’s race to space again”.
“This rocket itself travelled around two times the sped of sound or Mach 2 and this flight went to around 30,000 feet so about the height of a commercial airliner,” he told Sky News Australia.
“Critically though, it got there in about 30 seconds so much quicker than any commercial airliner would normally get there.”
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