Who we are

We are a leading technology company based in Sydney, Australia. We provide unique and powerful solutions utilising our patented private blockchain platform, bits-core, across a wide range of applications, including:

Unlike other technology offerings we have built our solution from scratch to revolutionise how people, businesses and governments manage and handle their data, network and assets.

Why is our solution powerful?

bits-core is ultimately about preserving the control, visibility and security of data, which in turn restores ownership, accountability and protection.

bits-core is more flexible, adaptable and powerful than other solutions, and capable of integration into any existing framework without disruption to existing systems. We enable organisations to become secure and self-sufficient by delivering easy-to-use solutions to complex problems.  

We believe that the value of technology ultimately lies in the human experience. Our solutions have been developed, and are implemented, with a view to restoring privacy, control and accessibility to data owners.

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Company Milestones


Today bits-core stands as a leading service in cyber-security, provenance and supply-chain tracking, offering unique and powerful solutions to contemporary business problems.

December - 2020

Partnered with CSIRO's Data61 to develop product integrations for enhancing transparency and audit features.

June - 2020

BitSync MVP launched.

February - 2020

Patent granted in Australia.

International patents filed.

File sharing system test-net deployed.

Provenance and supply-chain chain tracking system test-net deployed.

October - 2019

Provenance and supply-chain tracking system PoC completed and demonstrated.

September - 2019

File sharing system PoC completed and demonstrated.

March - 2019

First Macquarie University and Optus Cyber-Security Hub collaboration project "Formal Analysis of bits-core Network Protocols".

December - 2018

Patent finalised and PCT application filed.

Commenced collaboration with Macquarie University and Optus Cyber-Security Hub with Executive Director Prof. Christophe Doche and Associate Prof. Franck Cassez.

October - 2018

Participated in CSIRO Data61 blockchain workshop.

August - 2018

Bits-core is a major sponsor of the UTS Blockchain Symposium.

June - 2018

Proof of concepts completed and tested.

December - 2017

Provisional patent filed.

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